The Stray

Ron has just found a stray cat under his porch…Genres: Horror, Supernatural

Flames (Chapters 41 – Epilogue)

This is it, people! It’s done! Of the many I’ve started, this is the first novel I’ve ever finished. I’m proud of it, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the journey. As always, I’m completely open to comments and creative criticism. I’m going to miss Max and his friends and their adventures. I hope you…

Flames (Chapters 31 – 32)

We have reached the two-thirds mark, or there about. In these chapters, you will find out who the mysterious character is, and what his part is in everything.

Flames (Chapters 26 – 28)

Three more chapters! Hope you’re still enjoying it. I’m honestly surprised I’ve made it this far in writing the book, let alone that I’m cranking out the chapters so fast.

Flames (Chapters 20 – 21)

If you’ve been following the story, so far, these chapters answer the central mystery. Not to worry, though. It’s far from over, yet.


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